Welcome to ePBLnet EU project

The project

It is increasingly recognised that structured and regular curriculum renewal is an essential element of modern medical education, and therefore requires specialist academic educationalists and a specialised unit to lead on developing and embedding. This expertise is missing in post–Soviet medical education, which is teacher-based and classroom-orientated, and, it is generally agreed, requires modernising to more authentic competency-based learning styles with greater relevance to clinical practice.

Main activities

1. Establish a Supra-Regional Network based on 3 national medical education centres (MECs) in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

2. Use MECs to modernise the teacher-based and classroom-orientated biomedical science component of the medicine course in 6 universities in the PCs. Restructure with a focus on competence-based learning and assessment systems built around Problem-Based Learning and Virtual Patients, with increased relevance to clinical practice

Expected impact

Education for clinical practice is a complex process, involving the development of a body of knowledge, skills and multiple aspects of professionalism. ‘Traditional’ approaches, with modules in single discipline biosciences, bore little relationship to eventual learner needs for clinical practice. The natural development of learning directly through patient scenarios is now a cornerstone of undergraduate and post-graduate education. Real or virtual patient encounters provide rich and memorable settings for learning as a healthcare professional.